Spicy skin show: Krithi Kharbhanda

Film industry is said to be a glamor field. Especially the heroines who do not perform skin shows, there might be no scope for them to grow in the industry. This fact is now realized by Krithi.

She performed in Thenmaar in a neat traditional attire. Though the film was a failure, even before the release of it, Krithi was in talks of the public as she is tagged as Pawan Kalyan’s heroine then. That reputation made her gain another film opposite Kalyan Ram in Om 3D. Even that film turned as a disaster.

As there is a tradition in the industry to omit the heroines giving flops, the same formula had worked out for this beauty. In fact the formula is much more stronger as she did not perform any skin shows too.

But Krithi realized the fact and started performing those skin shows. The image above is one such which she posed for a photoshoot. Now would the luck turn favor to her again?

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