Salary hike for Andhra employees only

RTC strike is still going on in the Telugu states, the difficulties are being faced by the public from past few days.

Basing on these difficulties, the officials had gathered a meeting with RTC employees, to pour water on their fire with the water bottle they brought. But they did not expect that they brought Kerosene in that bottle instead of water.

Getting into the details, on Friday, the officials arranged a meeting with RTC employees to solve the issue. They had declared 27% hike in the salaries out of great difficulty and further added that it was only to the Andhra employees. First of all, the hike asked by the employees is 43%, that is anyway ruled out by the officials and confined to 27% and more over it specified that it is just for Andhra employees. For this shocking kerosene statement, employees who brought a match box fired the statement saying that it is not at all acceptable.

The officials clearly explained that there is no sort of movement from Telangana government regarding the issue so they could not promise Telangana employees. The reason behind assuring Andhra employees is the movement of AP government towards the issue, they mentioned.

But none were in a position to hear to them and the conditions turned much more worse now. So now its the time for Telangana government to react to the issue. The hiked figure should touch 43% for sure,otherwise, the conditions might turn much more violent in the near future.

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